Our objective is to assemble and program a multicolored LED light display. The final result will be a professionally designed and cased 32 x 8 array of LEDs. The user will be able to program specific patterns using a serial port as well as using integrated, preset patterns for the display, including a random function. Since we are designing our software to be modular, adding functionality in the future will be easy. This way, the usefulness of the device will grow with the organization implementing it.

The Prism will provide:

  • Colourful visualizations through the use of various colors of LEDs.
  • A clean, sleek, and unobtrusive design, while still being eye catching and interesting.
  • Easy operation using a serial port, powered from AC wall outlet.
  • Customizable computer programmable light patterns.
  • Software would allow for remote configuration of the device over the Internet.